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19 March 2011 @ 12:57 am
Parenting 101  
Title: Parenting 101
Genre: Is there a genre for kids making fun of their parents? What would you call that? Disney channel?
Pairing: Kihyuk
Rating: PG13
Summary: Hyukjae doesn’t know what to do with an angry teenager. But Kibum has ideas.


“What did you do to my car?!”

Hyukjae looked up at Kibum the moment he heard the shout. The other man was sitting in his chair, reading the newspaper as though nothing was happening.

But things were happening, namely, Hyukjae calling into question his own ability to be a parent. Kibum and Hyukjae had been living together for years, and at some point had decided it would be a good idea to move to California and try the whole ‘get married and start a family thing.’ Kibum had family in California, so it was not such a horrible idea as he thought at first. The past twenty years of his life had probably been the best he’d ever had, but now. . . .

Kibum glanced up at Hyukjae only once when they heard the door slam open. Hyukjae didn’t know if it was possible to look both exasperated and supportive at the same time. But Kibum managed it.

It was a skill Hyukjae envied when their son stomped into the house, glowering as he dropped his jacket on the floor in the middle of the hall. Kyuhyun was seventeen now, and it felt like they fought every single day. Over really stupid things, too. Kibum just said he was a teenager and let most things slide. Hyukjae was the one who stayed up all night and worried.

And Kibum’s logic seemed good enough. No matter how late he stayed out, his homework still got done. No matter how much Starcraft he played, his grades were still somewhere around astronomical. And finding out that Hyukjae was digging through the contents of his phone was probably what made him give everyone in his contacts a numerical code rather than a name.

But screaming at each other wasn’t going to solve anything, so Kibum finally stepped up and decided to put an end to it. Because no matter how angry he got, Hyukjae never quite worked up the courage to ground their son.

But . . .

“What did you do with my car?” Kyuhyun repeated, a little slower this time, like he was talking to a child. He got that way more often now, as if anyone who didn’t love music theory, complex algorithms, and geometric proofs was mentally incompetent.

“I was under the impression that you were grounded,” Kibum replied, not looking up from his newspaper.

“When have you ever actually gone through with it, though? And seriously, where did you hide my steering wheel?” Kyuhyun had begun pacing, agitated that this problem was not quite as easily solvable as the ones he was usually confronted with in school. He was starting to look desperate, too, which made Hyukjae wonder, and worry.

“But seriously, who does that?! I need my car! How am I going to get to school?”

“Ride the bus,” was Kibum succinct answer.

“With a bunch of eight graders?” The tone in his voice spoke volumes to what he thought of that.

“It’s funny, because that’s sort of the age you’re acting.” Kibum folded up his newspaper and set it aside. His hair was starting to go a little gray, but honestly, it just made him look even more distinguished and sexy, so there was no way Hyukjae was going to complain, even if he bemoaned his inability to age gracefully.

Kibum patted the couch beside him. “We need to have a talk.” Hyukjae let out a sigh of relief. “That means you have to talk, too.” And Hyukjae’s nervousness returned.

Kyuhyun frowned, but slumped down on the couch, bringing one of his knees up to his chest as he crossed his arms. Hyukjae sat in the old, grungy-looking easy chair that sat in the corner of their living room. It looked . . . really, really bad, but it was the most comfortable seat in the house. But he could hardly enjoy it if he was worried about his son getting angry at him again, or Kibum just . . . just looking. Kibum could have the most unnerving stare.

But luckily he was smiling now, maybe laughing at his family’s discomfort to himself, or maybe just trying to put them at ease. But he wasn’t going to wait for everyone to get comfortable, apparently. “This is what we’ve come to. Sitting down and talking about our feelings.”

“We wouldn’t need to if dad would just-”

Kibum’s gaze wasn’t particularly threatening. In fact, he looked like he was going to wait for Kyuhyun to finish. Of course, Kibum might as well have said, “Any time you’re done spewing stupid out of your mouth.” The stare could make anyone squirm.

“Who wants to start?” Kibum finally said, once it was plain that Kyuhyun wouldn’t speak any more. “If not, I’ll start. Kyuhyun is a teenager-”

“Yeah, no shit-” Kibum’s stare cut the teenager in question off again.

Kibum turned back to Hyukjae, who was frowning. He hadn’t asked for Kibums help so that he could get lectured. “And as a teenager, he’s able to start making more of his own choices. Even if you disagree with those choices, he’s still going to have to make them for himself. A little independence before college shouldn’t kill him.”

Kyuhyun looked triumphant enough to ask for his car back, or at the very least, try to get the steering wheel back. He was smirking like he just won something. Hyukjae scowled back, before Kibum turned back to his son. “You still shouldn’t bitch at your father. Which, by any definition, is what you’re doing. Change your tone. Be a little more polite. It won’t kill you, no matter how much you think it will.”

“What about the computer?” Hyukjae asked suddenly.

“What about it?” Both Kibum and Kyuhyun spoke this time, in the same eerie, challenging voice, both sets of eyes locked on him.

“Uh, just . . . he’s on it an awful lot, you know, and I worry about his grades. . . .”

Kibum turned to Kyuhyun, “How’s you’re GPA?”

“4.75.” Again with that holier-than-thou smirk. Hyukjae blinked. On a 4.0 scale? Had they changed something with the system since he’d gone to school?

Kibum seemed to think that was all the answer that anyone needed. And suddenly, both of them were talking about something in Starcraft that Hyukjae didn’t understand. Was it over? It had ended, and Kyuhyun still didn’t seem to be grounded, and it didn’t feel like everything was resolved. “Is that it? He doesn’t even have to apologize to me? What about all the times he refuses to clean his room, and leaves his clothes and shoes lying everywhere?”

Kibum sighed, schooling his face into a serious expression. Hyukjae’s heart soared for a moment – Kibum could get through to Kyuhyun, even if he couldn’t. “Son,” he said, his voice even and serious. Hyukjae needed to learn how to do that. “I am disappoint.”

But that did not get the reaction Hyukjae had been looking for. Both Kibum and Kyuhyun were laughing as if they had heard the funniest thing in the world.

“Why is that funny?!”


A/N: I use memes to confuse my parents . . . they’re decidedly less cool than Kibum and Eunhyuk would be. AND DON’T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT, KYU POSTER. I KNOW IT SUCKS. STOP LAUGHING LIKE THAT.
lady_hanakalady_hanaka on March 19th, 2011 05:24 am (UTC)
Yes...*sighs* and he wonders why Heechul disowns him...XD